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Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a 20% deposit of your total is required. Full payment must be received 8-24 Hours before the scheduled delivery.

Do you inspect, clean and sanitize your Bounce Houses/Slides?

We inspect, clean and sanitize our inflatable jumpers and slides after each rental. We pride ourselves in providing you with the cleanest bounce houses.

Does D&D FUNDAY EVENTS deliver and set up?

Yes, we do! We deliver, set up & pickup our party. All of our party equipment rental are thoroughly inspected before delivery to make sure they are safe, clean, and in great working condition. When our staff arrives they will set up the product(s) and review with you any pertinent information you need to know.

Does your equipment require any special electrical needs?

All of our equipment, which requires electricity, can be used in a standard 110 household outlet. While the outlet is being used by Fun Jumps products, we ask that nothing else be plugged in.

What if we rent from D&D FUNDAY EVENTS for a Park, Parking Lot, or other Location and no electrical outlet is available?

You may provide your own generator or we can supply you with a generator for an additional charge.

What type of area is needed to set up the inflatables?

The best and safest area for our inflatables is a flat grassy one. Depending on the type of event, we can also set-up on other areas. Please indicate to our staff your thoughts and they will gladly help you and make sure you receive the appropriate anchoring materials.

How does a bounce house or other inflatable actually inflate?

An electric inflation fan is used to keep the products inflated. This fan must run the entire time you are using the inflatable. The fan must be located within 100 feet of an electrical outlet.

Where is the best place to setup the Inflatables Bouncers?

The safest is a grassy leveled area, but we can setup on any level surface. There is an additional fee for setting up on concrete or asphalt. Any area must be level. We will setup for minimum damage to your grass or sod, however we are not responsible for any damage, your grass will spring back to normal within a day.

Party & Bounce Houses INC will not be held responsible for underground obstacles when staking down moonwalks. Please consider obstacles when choosing a location for setup. We do NOT setup on dirt or gravel.

How much space is required for Inflatable products?

To find out the products required space, please click on the product to find the size. Also our staff can help you with the space required on any of our products.

How safe are your products?

Very safe! Our manufacturers design and construct their products using the safest highest quality materials in the industry. In addition, D&D FUNDAY EVENTS products are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and monitored for wear and tear to make sure they’re safe, attractive, fun, and ready for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made more than seven (7) days before the event date will result in a full refund of payments made in the same manner as payment was received.

Cancellations processed within seven (7) days of the rental period for any reason will result in the issuance of a "raincheck" or customer credit equal to the deposit required to book the event. If payments have been received that are higher than the deposit required to book the event, the excess will be refunded back to the original payment method.

What happens if I book and it rains?

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Rain happens! In the event of rain cancelling your event prior to setup, your payment (less your deposit) will be refunded. However, once we set the bounce house or other inflatable up at your event, all rental charges will apply. If rain or heavy winds arrive during your event, you should abandon the inflatable as quickly and safely as possible. Before resuming use of the bounce house or inflatable, you must thoroughly dry the inside of the unit, for your safety.

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